Logic Machine Ambient

Turn your own home into the really smart one!


LogicMachine Ambient is the only one smart hub for all of your connected devices and MEP systems. From lights up to drapes. No matter how them works, no matter what their brands, no matter which their types. Now you can control all of them by using the single app – LM Ambient breathes the life into your things, making them truly smart and becoming the heart of your home.



To make our lives better, we need to be healthy and we have nerves for this reason. Our natural sensors that tell us when we can get any harm. The same goes for the smart home. Your home can’t be truly intelligent without sensors. That’s why LogicMachine Ambient is staffed with the most necessary sensors that let you know the vital information and react on it in real time.


Air Quality








Ok, now you’ve got control and sensors but does it makes your home is really smart? You know what’s pressure today… but does it makes any sense? What’s the point of these knowledge? It’s only matters when it provides healthy and comfortable living for you. LM Ambient transforms the environment data into useful advices for you. For example it knows when you may get a headache and says you what to do to avoid this harm. LogicMachine Ambient can check the UV index and notify you how long you can be on sun and which cream to use, so not to get skin cancer. And it also helps you to save your money. Since it can predict your energy consumption and costs, LM Ambient notify you when your monthly bill may be exceeded and shows you the ways how to reduce the consumption..



And of course nothing can be complete without a soul. The Soul of LogicMachine Ambient in it’s design. Wooden enclosure, different textures and paintings, LED indication and gesture control makes it not only the core device of your smart home but also the very own design element of the house interior.