Amati linea Active Hi-End Speakers


What is Amati.linea?

Amati is the last name of a family of Italian violin makers from Cremona. Amati violins have a nice, clean, gentle but not too strong tone. Amati creators brought the sound and the form of violins to perfection (from WIKI). We made a dream, hope it will be your dream, too!

Amati is All-in-One Hi-End for your digital or online music. It gives you absolute freedom of playing music form any source or device. “Play” is the only button you need to know with it.


Power DAC based Amplifier

You never expect such sound coming from that size of speakers. Incredible boost based on EQUIBIT tech.


Streaming player

In-built player streams from everywhere you want in High Definition


Media server

30 Gb HDD inside for saving your music in best HD formats



Origins of an HD sound comes from custom hi-end producer with all range kiling sound

Why music in such form?

Music is a way to go into other world. For us it is the best trip you can
imagine and which you can repeat whenever you have a passion for this.


General features


Music from any source

Mobile, tablet, PC, Internet, TV, CD/DVD, USB flash drives, in-built memory and network storage. AirPlay and DLNA support


Sound without compromise

Forget about 16 bit 44 kHz CD-quality. It’s in the past. Now you get support for high definition audio up to 24 bit and 96 kHz


Support for all possible audio file formats



Smart system control

From any Internet connected mobile device or through an app, also through state of art compatible Apple remote control.

We made a dream, hope it will be your dream, too!


Amati.linea uses monitor loudspeakers, where everything is made to avoid resonance. Monitor audio provides the ability to hear the fingers of the musician moving along the guitar strings in each part of a recording. Nothing is specially increased here: neither the bass, nor the frequency. There are no attempts to make the sound “good” — the sound is instead honest and crystal, allowing you to hear how the musician’s album was recorded: it can sound great or downright bad. You won’t have to depend on how things are sold to you and you won’t be cheated, because you can hear it all yourself.

One platform for all music you have

Prefer to use iTunes or Apple TV? Like easy-going online streaming? Keep your library on computer or HDD? Use your mobile phone or tablet for everything? Or want to go more traditionally with CD, DVD, or TV? Whatever source you want to play Amati.linea coveres it all.


Amati.linea Technology description can be found here.

pdf_icon Download Amati.linea Hi-End Speakers manual