3.5″ Touch KNX Thermostat



  • Capacitive touch buttons, LCD display
  • Selected internal and external temperature sensor
  • Basic and additional heating and cooling temperature control function
  • Relative and absolute room temperature adjustment function
  • Variety of temperature control mode, continuous PI control, switching PI control and on-off control
  • With PI parameters self-tuning and manual tuning two kinds of control modes
  • Timing room temperature control switch mode and transmit data function
  • Manual and automatic three-speed fan control
  • Temperature and humidity threshold function
  • Logical function
  • Three way binary input for controlling the switching, dimming, curtains and scenes;
  • External NTC thermistor temperature sensor input


Inputs 3-way key channel Individually configurable buttons
External NTS Sensor Configurable NTC characteristics
Red LED and Buttons Distribution of physical address
Green LED flashing Indicates device working properly
Screen Capacitive touch screen

Technical Parameters

Power Supply 21 ~ 30V DC, by Bus.
Operating Current <12mA
Standby Power Cons. <360mW
Operating Temp. -5 °   C     to    45 ° C
Storage Temp. -25 ° C    to    55 ° C
Transport Temp. -25 ° C    to    70 ° C
Size 86mm × 86mm × 34.5mm