640mA KNX Power Supply



  • Provide sustainable power to other KNX equipments of the same line.
  • Short Circuit protection to other devices installed on the KNX line.
  • Protect other KNX devices by stabilizing input voltage and current.


Installation on 35mm DIN rail.
KNX Output 1
Auxiliary Voltage Output 1 channel
Output Voltage 30V DC+-1V, SELV
Rated Current 640 mA, short circuit protection
Sustained Short Circuit Current Max. 1.3 A
Maintained Time after Power-off 200 ms

Technical Parameters

Power Supply 95-255V AC + 10/-15%, 47~ 63 Hz
Standby Power Cons. Max. 45 VA
Operating temp. -5 °   C     to    45 ° C
Storage Temp. -25 ° C    to    55 ° C
Transport Temp. -25 ° C    to    70 ° C
Boyut 108mm*90mm*60mm