KNX Fancoil Actuator



  • Output heating and cooling according to temperature’s setting.
  • Output modes of Standby, Comfort, Night and Protection according to user’s demands.
  • Control fan speed in 3 gears (High, Medium, and Low) manually or automatically.
  • Achieve continuous or PWM output control by valves by PI controlling value.
  • Reports local fan speed and valves status.
  • Obtain temperature data collection from local or BUS, and achieve the monitoring function to actual temperature and frost temperature.
  • Own the function of modes of specific scene and Adjustable speed.
  • Status report & error report.


Maximum Load <6A / 250V AC for switching channels, total maximum 13A for Fan Speed channels.
Input Channels 1 Binary Input for energy saving, 1 PT100 channel for temperature sensing
Output Voltage 250V AC ( 50/60 Hz )
Operating / Display Fan Gears: 1 button and 3 green LED

Room Modes: 1 button and 4 red LED

Heating/Cooling: 2button and 1 red & blue LED

Programming: 1button and 1 red & green LED

Installation on 35mm DIN rail

Technical Parameters

Power Supply 21 ~ 30V DC, by Bus
Operating Current <12mA
Standby Pow. Cons. <360mW
Operating Temp -5 °   C     to    45 ° C
Storage Temp. -25 ° C    to    55 ° C
Transport Temp. -25 ° C    to    70 ° C
Size 72mm*90mm*63.5mm