Ceiling Type KNX IR Transmitter



  • Storing up to 64 different IR functional control codes for per channel.
  • A channel can link up to 16 group addresses.
  • The IR functional control codes can be assigned to 1 bit or 1 byte type of object.
  • The transmitting angle is full of direction.
  • Sending time and sending delay can be set for per control codes.
  • Each main function can include 5 slave functions


Output 940 nm radius: 4m-5m
Axuiliary Power, Current, Power Cons. 12-30V DC , <200mA , <6W
Operating / Display Red LED & Push Button for physical address.Green LED indicates proper device functioning.
Installation Ceiling type (Height Max.4m)

Technical Parameters

Operating Temp. -5 °   C     to    45 ° C
Storage Temp. -25 ° C    to    55 ° C
Transport Temp. -25 ° C    to    70 ° C
Size 91 X 76 X 82mm